Nikki Wurnitsch


The Whitney Laboratory

Department of Psychology

University of California, Berkeley


3210 Tolman Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720


Research Interest

Hi! I started in the Whitney Vision and Action Lab as an undergraduate research assistant. I graduated in June 2008 from UC Davis with a BA in psychology and began working in the lab as a Junior Specialist/Lab Manager. I am fascinated by the many ways in which the external world is represented throughout our visual system and love discovering the mechanisms behind visual illusions, adaptation aftereffects as well as object motion and tracking. I am currently working on a study concerning object size and aftereffects.

The Whitney Lab Outreach program is another main focus of mine where I work directly with participating schools, scheduling and organizing exciting presentations. We have been presenting at local middle and high schools since May 2009. If you are an educator interested in having us visit your school, please check out the Whitney Lab Outreach website for more information.


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Developmental Science, in press ensemble, dev
Sweeny, T.D., Wurnitsch, N., Gopnik, A., & Whitney, D. (2013). Sensitive perception of a person's direction of walking in 4-year-old children. Developmental Psychology. (2013), 49(11):2120-4 ensemble, motion, dev
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