Whitney Lab Outreach provides your high school, middle school, or elementary school students with dynamic and informative presentations about perception and vision science. Our goal is to spark your students' interest in scientific research and its application to everyday life and art. We are a group of research scientists from the University of California who study vision. For this outreach program, we offer complimentary, condensed, and up-to-date teaching lessons so that students of all ages can experience their own vision with an understanding of how the brain is involved in the process - without being overly technical.

By presenting visual illusions and hands-on demos, we make visual neuroscience accessible and available to a new generation of students who might not get this information until they are in college. Additionally, we will provide your school with access to various resources so you will have a successful vision day for years to come! We hope to visit your high school soon.

As part of our vision science curriculum, we have many interactive demos and illusions to present to students! They are broken down into modules to help students conceptualize the various components of the human visual system and to better understand how we perceive the world with our eyes and our brain.

For more information, please contact our lab manager.

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